Offering both behavioral health with primary care for a total population health management approach helps employers see real value and a return on investment. When behavioral health is offered at an onsite or near-site employer health center or virtually, employees are more likely to engage in the services offered because they build a level of trust with the providers. A doctor or nurse, for example, can do a warm introduction and hand-off to a behavioral health specialist if a member with uncontrolled diabetes also shows signs of stress and isn’t sleeping well.

Recent data from Marathon Health shows integrating the care brings better savings for its clients, too. Members who visit us for behavioral health and primary care cost 45% less than members who don’t leverage any of the services. Engagement with both primary care and behavioral health results in an additional risk-adjusted savings of $1,500+ per engaged* member per year beyond engaging with Marathon Health for just primary care or behavioral healthcare alone.

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*Engaged is defined as a minimum of two provider visits during the prior 18 months. 

Robert Simes, VP Analytics, Marathon Health

Robert brings a strong background to Marathon Health with over 25 years in healthcare. His career has spanned roles including operations, strategy, analytics consulting and data science. He has focused the last 15 years on client analytics, data science, and helping to leverage data to inform healthcare strategy and decision-making.