Some, but not all, vendors offer automatic tracking of employee incentives through a dedicated wellness portal or patient portal. While both can manage incentive tracking, a robust patient portal will generally provide a comprehensive experience, allowing patients to access their health information (e.g., review labs/screenings), schedule appointments, securely message providers and health coaches, and manage incentives (e.g., track progress, upload forms) all in one place.

For example, the Marathon Health patient portal and mobile app make it easy for patients to engage in the wellness program and complete the required incentive activities. Our fully integrated technology allows for easy compliance reporting back to our client and can provide reports detailing activity completion.

Shannon Isom
Shannon Isom, Senior Director of Engagement, Marathon Health

Shannon leads the member engagement team at Marathon Health. She is focused on driving member participation in the services available through marketing promotion, incentive plan design, and targeted outreach campaigns.