As employers see healthcare costs spiraling out of control, they’re taking an active role in wanting to help their employees get healthier.

They’re doing this by partnering with employer healthcare solutions and offering convenient access to healthcare teams. This might include in-person visits at an employer-sponsored onsite health center or Network health center around town or by offering virtual or telephone visits with healthcare providers.

Just offering a health center won’t get employees in the door, but that’s where an engagement and incentive strategy comes into play. An initial incentive biometric screening, annual physical, or comprehensive healthcare review might be an employee’s first interaction with a health center if it’s tied to an incentive like a reduction in their health insurance premiums. Still, a good experience will keep employees returning. Trust is crucial.

We want to walk the patients’ journey with them to the point where they permit us to help them live a better life and trust us with recommendations on where to go next. That allows us to drive outcomes more effectively. By focusing on delivering the best care together in the present moment, we will fix a broken healthcare system and deliver more value.

Jeff Wells, Marathon Health
Jeff Wells, CEO & Co-Founder, Marathon Health

Jeff Wells, MD, is the CEO and co-founder of Marathon Health, a modern health company that delivers advanced independent primary care for employers throughout its onsite, Network, and virtual health centers.