The most effective way to drive utilization is to include specific incentives tailored to the organization’s health goals and health risk profile. Clients should engage with their vendor’s team of wellness experts who will work alongside them to determine a program design that best fits their employee population and what the organization hopes to achieve over the next 1-3 years as part of their wellness strategy.

For example, during year one, an incentive plan may encourage participation—for example, completing the HRA, biometric screening, and a Comprehensive Health Review. Year two goals may drive the achievement of health goals—for example, increasing activity levels, lowering glucose levels, or decreasing BMI. Incentives closely tied to the benefit plan are critical contributors to the success of your health program.

Shannon Isom
Shannon Isom, Senior Director of Engagement, Marathon Health

Shannon leads the member engagement team at Marathon Health. She is focused on driving member participation in the services available through marketing promotion, incentive plan design, and targeted outreach campaigns.