A successful health center initiative begins with a thoughtful and well-timed communication strategy that encourages participation in health risk assessments, biometric screenings, annual physicals, health coaching, ongoing health education and health promotion programs, as well as utilization of the health center for primary care. During the implementation process, the vendor should work hand in hand with your organization to perform a Culture and Communications Audit to understand your employees’ demographics, as well as their motivations and barriers to healthcare. The audit will provide insight into your available communication channels, as well as any communication challenges or opportunities.   

Some vendors, including Marathon Health, provide a turnkey, multi-media communication strategy to drive optimum utilization of the health center through the initial introduction of the benefit through ongoing communications.  

Kasey Prickel, Marathon Health
Kasey Prickel, Director of Member Marketing, Marathon Health

Kasey Prickel is the Director of Member Marketing at Marathon Health. She has nearly 20 years of experience in healthcare marketing, previously leading the marketing team at a physician-owned orthopedic hospital and practice.