Engaging with patients that have been identified with having a high-risk health condition is a critical function of an employer-sponsored healthcare partner. Not only do those individuals need the most medical care and oversight, but they are also the most significant opportunity for savings for the employer. Reaching those patients requires a multi-step process utilizing an array of mediums, from phone calls to digital communications and physical mailers.

Marathon Health’s outreach protocol includes two phone calls, automated secure messaging, and a mailing to the participant’s home. While outreach is prioritized based on risk severity, our clinical teams engage with all participants, including low-risk members. The Marathon Health technology platform offers a unique tracking system allowing our clinicians to track each contact made, how many attempts at contact and other functions. Participation and results data from our preventive care campaigns are available online to the provider.

Dr. Terry Layman, SVP & Corporate Medical Director, Marathon Health

As SVP, Corporate Medical Director, Dr. Layman serves on the senior leadership team and provides clinical leadership for our 200+ health centers. Dr. Layman is passionate about delivering patient-centered primary care and continues to dedicate some of his time as a provider in one of our health centers.