Motivational Interviewing isn’t just a hollow buzzword, it’s the coaching language we speak at Marathon Health. Based on the core principles of partnership, acceptance, compassion and evocation (drawing out a member’s own reasons for making healthy change), “MI Spirit” guides everything we do. We train all of our clinical ambassadors on Motivational Interviewing skills such as reflective listening, asking open-ended questions and affirmations. 

The processes of Motivational Interviewing help members explore and resolve their ambivalence about making healthy changes. We understand that change can be hard! By examining their values, goals, current behavior, strengths and resources, members find their own intrinsic motivation and can finally move toward making positive lifestyle changes and improving their health.

Tamara Golden, Marathon Health
Tamara Golden, RN Health Coach, Marathon Health

Tamara Golden has been a nurse for over 30 years and a certified health coach since 2009. She holds board-certifications as a Holistic Nurse and Health Coach, and is a certified Whole Health Educator™. Since joining Marathon Health in 2010, she has served in various roles including RN health coach, health coach trainer, and account manager. She created the original in-house Motivational Interviewing training at Marathon Health, which has now been incorporated into our full NBHWC-approved health coach training program.