When you partner with a new vendor, you should expect to have a collaborative support team by your side that consists of a client advocate, a marketing manager, a business intelligence analyst, an interface operation specialist, a clinical resource coordinator, and a recruiter to support the health center and its operation. An engagement and incentives team should also work with you to tailor wellness programming and incentives to drive engagement with the health center. We also layer in a client development lead to help you look at strategic growth opportunities, such as the expansion of locations or services.  

Your entire team should support your needs and create a personal connection with you. They should become your trusted advisor to aid in strategizing and developing sustainable plans for your healthcare offering that support your ability to achieve meaningful health improvement outcomes and significant cost savings for your employee population.

Katie Vicars, Marathon Health
Katie Vicars, SVP Client Success, Marathon Health

Katie Vicars brings more than 20 years of experience to her role as SVP, Client Success for Marathon Health, where she has served in a variety of leadership roles, including account management, operations, and business development.