Providing tools and supportive relationships is vital to achieving long-term health improvements. Offering health coaching provides the motivation, structure and accountability to help patients meet their goals.

Health coaches use motivational interviewing to better understand the “why” behind a patient’s desire to change. They can then craft a personalized plan of action that’s both attainable and goal-oriented. Coaches focus on actively listening to patients, asking open-ended questions, avoiding making assumptions or passing judgments, and allowing the patient to drive the conversation.

The National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) sets strict standards, scope of practice and code of ethics for health coaches. In the ever-evolving field of behavior change science, it’s important that health coaches achieve and maintain specific educational standards to support their patients. Health coaching support helps to improve patient outcomes, including the management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.

Lauren Hutches, Marathon Health
Lauren Hutchens, National Director of Health Coaching, Marathon Health

Lauren Hutchens is the National Director of Health Coaching with Marathon Health. Lauren has over ten years of experience as a certified health coach, is National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching Certified,  holds degrees in psychology and physical education and has an MBA in healthcare management.