Members who need a referral to a specialist or service, like a heart doctor or an MRI, will receive a call from the employer’s healthcare referral coordinator team within 24 hours. Referral coordinators will do all the legwork on behalf of members, sharing in-network options based on price, quality/patient satisfaction, and proximity to their home or office.

Referral coordinators should schedule the appointment for the member and the results should be shared with their employer care team. When employees are offered a healthcare referral concierge service like this, they are more likely to follow through on follow-up care. According to the most recent data, 73% of members in need of a procedure chose the referred provider from Marathon Health, a prospective estimated savings of $245 per procedure.

Watch the webinar video: A New Approach for Employee Healthcare Referrals 

Pierce Graham-Jones, Chief Strategy Officer, Marathon Health

Pierce Graham-Jones serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for Marathon Health, where he is responsible for strategic partnerships and acquisition opportunities.