Healthcare prices vary widely in many of the largest health systems, leaving patients confused and disheartened when they get the bill. High prices, coupled with the frequent practice of making unnecessary referrals, are a key driver of the country’s increasing healthcare spend, on pace to exceed $5 trillion by 2025.

While employer health centers vary in how they refer to outside providers, Marathon Health has partnered with Garner Health, a data-driven provider search tool, to ensure members and their employers are receiving transparent information about high-quality, low-cost providers.

It’s important that members are able to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare. So, Marathon Health’s team of 30+ referral care coordinators leverages the Garner data through its proprietary care navigation platform to help members every step of the way in choosing the best in-network provider at the best price.

Learn what happens when a member needs a referral

Pierce Graham-Jones, Chief Strategy Officer, Marathon Health

Pierce Graham-Jones serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for Marathon Health, where he is responsible for strategic partnerships and acquisition opportunities.