Opening an employer health clinic means you’re investing in helping your population get healthy, but the key to driving a return on your investment means getting employees engaged. That often starts by incentivizing employees to visit the health center initially for an annual physical or biometric screening. An incentive that includes an HSA contribution or premium reduction drives the biggest lift in engagement.

Employers who actively engage their clients and promote healthcare services see a faster ROI and can break even in the first year. Most companies take about 18 months to achieve the 1:1 ROI due to the ramp-up in Marathon Health clinicians creating an established relationship with members. By year two, typical ROI surpasses the 1:1 ROI; and by year three, employers can see savings of $3 to $5 for every $1 invested. This savings typically translates to $1,500 to $2,000 savings per engaged member.

Robert Simes, VP Analytics, Marathon Health

Robert brings a strong background to Marathon Health with over 25 years in healthcare. His career has spanned roles including operations, strategy, analytics consulting and data science. He has focused the last 15 years on client analytics, data science, and helping to leverage data to inform healthcare strategy and decision-making.