There are a handful of common reasons employees won’t use the health center, including fear of employer overreach, ability to access the health center during work hours, and trust that the care they receive will be equal to or better than their current provider. Let’s walk through each one and how to overcome them:

  • Employees sometimes fear their medical details won’t be kept private when the healthcare is perceived to be provided by their employer. It is essential to regularly reinforce that the healthcare provider follows privacy laws like any other medical care facility. Unless patients permit disclosure of their medical data, the healthcare vendor will not disclose any health information to anyone.
  • Allowing employees to access care during work hours provides flexibility for those who need it while eliminating the stigma associated with requesting time off work to tend to healthcare needs.
  • To help employees take the first step to health center utilization, offer incentives toward medical plan premiums if employees complete their biometric screening, annual physical, and comprehensive health review. Once they visit the health center to build a personal relationship with their providers, we build trust and break down the stigma.
Silvia Madrigal, Family Nurse Practitioner & Regional Clinic Leader, Marathon Health

Silvia Madrigal is the Regional Vice President of Clinical Leadership at Marathon Health and a Family Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Silvia's expertise spans various areas, including ICU nursing, primary care, corporate health, population health, and clinical leadership.