Various wellness programs help employees reach their health goals and combat or prevent chronic health conditions. Some examples of Marathon Health programs:

  • S.P.A.R.K. Total Health Program: Focuses on Support, Prevention, Assessment, Results, and Knowledge to empower members to achieve their best health and personal wellness goals.
  • Healthy Hearts Program: a personalized lifestyle modification program to help employees take control of their heart health. The group program includes education to lower the risk of heart disease and heart attack.
  • Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) Program: Focuses on the American Academy of Diabetes Educators’ 7 Self-Care Behaviors that are essential to improving health. Education and resources, goal setting, monitoring, and one-on-one health coaching are included.
  • Weight Management Program: Supports patients in managing and achieving a healthy weight. This program is designed to encourage and support patients on their health and wellness journey by leveraging the latest evidence-based research and proven benefits of peer support.
Lauren Hutches, Marathon Health
Lauren Hutchens, National Director of Health Coaching, Marathon Health

Lauren Hutchens is the National Director of Health Coaching with Marathon Health. Lauren has over ten years of experience as a certified health coach, is National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching Certified,  holds degrees in psychology and physical education and has an MBA in healthcare management.