During the implementation process, the client experience and project management teams work alongside the client to achieve the project’s goals. 

To ensure the implementation process goes smoothly, the project management team creates an in-depth plan that outlines and directs all teams and their tasks involved in the implementation. 

One of the first steps includes a kickoff meeting that covers key functional areas, learnings about the client, and how to serve their employee population best. The client should then complete a culture and communications audit/questionnaire to assist Marathon Health in better understanding the company’s culture, demographics, best-performing communication methods, and available marketing channels. 

After the kickoff meeting, completion of the culture assessment, and gathering of the implementation requirements, a project plan is created. A dedicated marketing rep will prepare a marketing kit with co-branded materials to help build awareness, create excitement, and drive employee engagement. 

Each implementation will have unique qualities and obstacles. As a result, the project management team will determine appropriate, congruent timelines to ensure a positive and successful kickoff. 

Jennifer Moore, Marathon Health
Jennifer Moore, Senior Director, Client Implementation, Marathon Health