Each vendor may have their own unique definition of “engagement” so it is important to understand their specific formula and tracking mechanisms. Here are some examples of patient actions that may be considered engagement with health center services:

  • Patient events such as scheduling and attending appointments (either individual or group)
  • Lab draws, immunizations and medication fills
  • Starting and completing questionnaires and online workshops
  • Completing referrals
  • Receiving a post-encounter survey or outreach from a provider
  • Logging into the Patient Portal
  • Signing up for and completing challenges or incentives
  • Viewing or sending a secure message
  • Downloading a health summary report

You may also want to monitor engagement for portions of the population. For example, patients with a known chronic condition may need to complete a percentage of their compliance activities to be considered engaged while healthier individuals may only need one of the activities listed above.

Shannon Isom
Shannon Isom, Senior Director of Engagement, Marathon Health

Shannon leads the member engagement team at Marathon Health. She is focused on driving member participation in the services available through marketing promotion, incentive plan design, and targeted outreach campaigns.