Many vendors offer virtual care services, but their scope can vary widely. The most common type of virtual care offering includes access to random care providers focused solely on treating acute needs. In this type of offering, patients rarely, if ever, see the same provider twice. Other virtual solutions may offer better continuity of care but focus on a single issue like diabetes or musculoskeletal issues.

Marathon Health Anywhere goes far beyond traditional virtual healthcare by offering patients a consistent, dedicated virtual care team. It’s an advanced platform spanning all 50 states providing the same full-service care patients receive at our onsite and Network health centers, allowing you to provide comprehensive advanced primary care to your entire employee population.

Patients can access a suite of services, including:

  • full-service virtual advanced primary and sick care
  • behavioral health counseling
  • wellness services and health coaching
  • chronic care management through connected devices
  • medication and lab services
Marathon Health, #1 Best in KLAS Employer-Sponsored Healthcare Service

We simplify healthcare for employers by combining independent primary care with value-driven population health management to deliver healthier members and meaningful savings.