In most instances, your employer-sponsored healthcare partner will handle the heavy lifting of recruiting provider staff for the health center and/or virtual service. This includes initial interviewing, assessment of employment history, verification of credentials, an in-depth clinical assessment by a member of Marathon Health’s provider team, and shadowing/interview with the health center team.

The recruitment team will narrow down each of the provider positions to the top candidates that are the best choices for your organization (e.g., based on their clinical experience, passion for health and wellness, ability to excel at the coaching and advocacy role, and knowledge of local health systems). The client will then have the opportunity to meet with the finalists to determine which candidates they believe would be the best cultural fit before extending the employment offer to the clinical team members.

In nearly all cases, the vendor hires and retains the clinical team, covering the expense of salary, benefits, and insurance. How those expenses are passed on to the client will vary by vendor and the pricing model. Since the care teams are your healthcare vendor’s employees, they are responsible for managing time away from work and ensuring that the position is covered to ensure consistent health center operation.

Debby Routt, Marathon Health
Debby Routt, Chief People Experience Officer, Marathon Health

Debby Routt serves as the Chief People Experience Officer of Marathon Health, which includes responsibility for Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Total Rewards, Organizational Development and Training.