I’m a physician assistant and before joining the employer healthcare model seven years ago, I spent years in a perpetually busy, one-provider clinic. I’d see 25 to 30 patients each day with appointments lasting 15 minutes at best. I was burnt out and unsatisfied because I couldn’t spend time with patients. 

At an employer health center, I have the opportunity to spend as much time as I need with patients. My minimum visit with patients who have chronic health conditions, for example, is 30 minutes. I can add more time to the appointment as necessary.

I also have the opportunity to work with an integrated care team that includes a health coach and behavioral health specialist. We provide preventive and holistic-based care, and our focus is always helping patients improve their health. We get to know patients on a personal level to build trusted relationships.

I see firsthand the difference our care makes. We’re improving quality of life and that’s exactly why I chose this career. I also have work-life balance, so when I’m done working, I can focus on my most important job of being a mom and wife.  

Brooke Curry
Brooke Curry, PA, Marathon Health

Brooke Curry has been a Physician Assistant for seven years at Marathon Health. She completed her PA degree in Billings, Montana, in 2008 when she began providing primary care to the underserved and homeless population. Brooke has also worked in primary care in North Carolina. Today, she resides in a rural town in central Indiana with her husband, three children and two dogs.