Sometimes employees need encouragement to prioritize their health. Companies and unions who take advantage of all four of these following engagement areas/levers see higher engagement (around 57%) with their health centers.

1. Leadership Support 

Operational policies that encourage using the health center (not clocking out, benefit plan design).
Six or more internal touchpoints per year. Examples include:
  • Health center announcements at town halls or management meetings
  • Company announcements
  • Open enrollment mentions/collateral
  • New hire orientations/onboarding
  • Wellness committee that promotes good health and services

2. Incentives 

Client has an employee incentive program that drives employees to use a Marathon Health center or provider.
Examples include:
  • Biometrics drawn by the clinical team
  • Health coaching
  • Annual physicals

3. Member Marketing 

Both must be true:
  • Email addresses, phone number and physical address for employees must be provided.
  • Permission to market directly to employees through member marketing campaigns

4. Care Team Outreach

Clinical teams perform routine outreach to engaged and unengaged employees.
Daily outreach utilizing the tools available.
Shannon Isom
Shannon Isom, Senior Director of Engagement, Marathon Health

Shannon leads the member engagement team at Marathon Health. She is focused on driving member participation in the services available through marketing promotion, incentive plan design, and targeted outreach campaigns.