Expectations for serving student’s academic, social and emotional needs have never been higher, and with the competition for available district funds becoming more complex, HR leaders must seek solutions that address staff needs and provide a reliable return on investment.

School districts must go beyond simply providing a pathway to care (health insurance) and should, instead, focus on providing direct access to the actual care that allows staff to serve students at their very best. An onsite health center, a nearby Network health center located in your town or virtual healthcare, gives staff improved access to healthcare at low or no cost. This benefit can enhance recruitment, strengthen staff retention, improve productivity, significantly reduce healthcare costs (up to $2,000 per engaged member), and make a genuine difference in the lives of those you employ.

Services not only include sick care, but also preventive care, chronic disease management, health coaching, behavioral health, occupational health and physical therapy. You’re also surrounding your staff with a holistic approach to care that helps your staff get healthy and live their best lives.

Watch our recent webinar with school districts to learn how improved access to higher-quality care, coupled with strategic engagement initiatives, results in better health and lower costs.

If you’re looking to offer an onsite, Network or virtual health center for your school district staff or have questions, email me at hello@marathon-health.com.

Doug Sumner, VP of Education Affairs, Marathon Health
Doug Sumner, Ph.D, Vice President of Education Affairs

Prior to joining Marathon Health in October 2020, Doug Sumner, Ph.D., Vice President of Education Affairs, spent over 25 years serving students, staff, and school community members as a public-school educator. Doug’s service has included roles as teacher, principal, an associate superintendent for human resources and a school superintendent.